oh! this photo i took got selected for Too Tired Project‘s #tootiredcanton slideshow exhibition, which will be held in the Herring-Cole Feinstone Room of St. Lawrence University on Thursday, February 21, 2019 starting at 4:30pm.

#tootiredcanton is being held in conjunction with the lecture “Photographing the Invisible, a Dialogue with Three Contemporary Photographers: Joshua Lutz, Kerry Payne, and Tara Wray.”

This event is funded by the Wide-Angle Learning: A Humanistic Lens on Public Health, Arts Collaborative, and the Art & Art History Department of St. Lawrence University.

Free admission. Open to the public.

missing wien

i miss this view from my window during winter in wien, and i like the lines.

there was an auto shop to the left of the frame that opened early each morning and always had cars moving in and out of parking spots out front, blocking morning traffic.

just a little further to the left is augarten.

taken with a handy disposable so i didn’t miss the lines

sometime in winter, 2018

winter hello


This site is still a work in progress, but I have a couple of new finished products to share from a recent chilly kayaking adventure. To be enjoyed with the faint honks of Canada geese and whoops of Tundra Swans in the background (on loop). Taken on Fairlee Creek in Chestertown, MD. (Please excuse a little lens gunk; it was not my top priority.)

Happy winter!

cheap camera contest

This lil one won 3rd place at 202 Film Collective‘s Cheap Camera Contest (which is currently my favorite kind of camera). It was my first time putting up a photo of mine in a setting like that (in a public place, on display, for everyone to take in in front of me), and a wonderful experience!

Taken at “VRwandlung” in Prague, sometime in the early months of 2018. It won me a Minolta Zoom 130c that I have yet to try out.


Hello. This site is a work in progress. This picture is a finished product I made in collaboration with the good ol’ hoodoos of bryce canyon national park and a disposable kodak. Enjoy.